MVM 7.5.7 and new MVM Live ePO reporting extension


Hi Everyone


We have an exciting new release of MVM today - MVM 7.5.7 and the new MVM Live Reporting extension for ePO. We have put together a training video to go through the features of this brand new release.


In summary, with the new extension you can now report, dashboard and export any of MVM's vulnerability data, asset data, ticketing data and operational data through ePO's reporting front end. This allows for complete customization using ePO's rich reporting interface to report on ANY of the data in MVM and select EXACTLY the data you want to see in the FORMAT you want to see it!


We are very excited about this new release, enjoy the video - we look forward to you downloading and using this new version!


Please do leave any comments/questions below!




The MVM Product team.