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    Custom SQL Query (Solidcore)


      Hi @All,

      I'm trying to build a query directly from EPO database, which should display the list of computers with the status of Solidcore with the system(node) name.
      The SCOR data comes from the view SCOR_VW_STATUS. Unfortunately, there is only the ParentID as a note to SystemName. However, I find this in no table so that I get the system name from it.
      As an example, there is the Nodename and ParantID in the view EPOLeafNode, which does not match the ParentID in the SCOR View.

      Could look like this if ParentID were the same:

      SELECT EPO.ParentID, SCO.ParentID, EPO.ComputerName,
                SCO.SolidifierStatus, SCO.CLIStatus
      FROM ePODB.dbo.EPOComputerProperties EPO,
                EPO4_HHOS1148.dbo.SCOR_VW_STATUS SCO
      WHERE EPO.ParentID = SCO.ParentID

      Can anyone help me how I can solve this. What relationship do I have to take.
      Thanks in advance