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    New version destroyed computer


      I am confident in saying that the new version of McAfee Total Protection made my computer unusable.


      I went through this twice, once it happened I restored a previous OS save but it happened again. Coincident with the new version of Total Protect. Opening a folder takes 80 seconds.


      I used the removal tool but the problem remained. When I checked it turned out the McAfee software was still loading. I did another removal in safe mode and the problem went away.


      I have previously spent three hours on the phone trying to figure out why McAfee blocks my backups - but no solution.


      I have to sat that McAfee is way more problem than its worth. I also mention that the new version immediately identified a bunch og .PUPs that the older version did not. Gee thinks for wrecking my computer to tell me you weren't doing your job.


      Nothing but trouble. It never found a virus in all the time I used it when VirsuTotal did!



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