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    "Make all shares read only" is blocking shares listing.


      Hi! My company is migrating from EPO 5.1 to 5.3, and along with that we upgraded our VSE from to


      We have an Access Protection policy with "Make All Shares Read Only" (block) enabled. We imported this policy from the old EPO. Before the migration, if users tried to access \\computername, they could list all shares available, but obviously could not write to them.


      After the client is migrated, users can't list shares anymore. They can only access the share if they type the full address \\computername\sharename.


      I enabled the report option, and when a user tries to access \\computername, accessprotection.log registers as if the user was trying to write to a share.


      The log line is in portuguese, but I believe the relevant information is understandable.

      23/03/201715:18:11Bloqueio por regra de proteção de acessoAUTORIDADE NT\SISTEMASYSTEM:REMOTE\\.\PIPE\SRVSVCControle de epidemia do antivírus:Tornar todos os compartilhamentos somente leituraAção bloqueada: Gravar


      I don't know if this is related to the new EPO (new under the hood settings, even though the option is the same), or because of the new VSE version. I didn't test the old VSE with the new EPO yet.


      Is this expected behavior? Can I "fix" this?