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    I can't remove McAfee completely and it is slowing my computer ram by 2G


      Can someone please help me with this. I owned mcafee (full version) since I first got my computer. It was helpful and had no problems on windows 7, but then my laptop auto updated to windows 8 and it stopped functioning correctly. I attempted to uninstall mcafee through its uninstall to it came with but it apparently broke too. I resorted to uninstalling mcafee's program through the computer software removal center and it said it completely removed it. I believed and never checked system files as it wasn't listed under the programs menu in the removal anymore. Now my laptop updated to windows 10 and I constantly get and error bad file message about mcafee bad program failed. I looked and mcafee wasn't listed as a program on the computer but as I checked the C: drive i found mcafee still there. I am the admin of my computer but when I attempted to force delete all of the files it said I needed administrator access to remove these files. I even attempted to use the DEL command in command prompt and it said no files were found. As is I cannot stop mcafee's programs through task manager or system commands. It has taken up 20.4G of space on my hard drive and constantly uses about 2G of ram on my computer. I can't even clear the cache on ram it has created. Someone please tell me how to fix this because i would prefer to not wipe my computers drives.