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    'something went wrong'




      True Key (via BT).  Installed and working OK for several months.  In February put in password and the most unhelpful message I have ever seen greeted me 'something went wrong'.  (Which reminded me of a PC game my children used to play based on a Terry Prachet novel when you tried to make a move that was wrong it said 'that didnt work')  Basically I could not get into this application which stores 60+ user names and passwords etc.  It works on my smart phone.  So now if i need to log into something I go to my phone open up the app type in manually the user name and password and hey presto I am in.  Sound familiar?  Yes it is the old pencil and paper method.  I contacted Intel.  As soon as they hear it was provided as part of BT package they say they cannot help.  I go to BT who try to fix it, taking control of my PC, after 40 mins of uninstalling and reinstalling with no joy, they tell me to go back to Intel.  I go back to Intel who tell me to go back to BT.  I write a letter of complaint to BT who ring me to say they can not do anything about it.  They suggest it is to do with Windows 10 updates.  ***.  **** (who gives a ****).  I am not really that bothered except that it wastes my time.  I am 61, not much of that left.   There are bigger things in the world to get het up about.  But when someone says that x can do y and then x cannot do y and no one, no one, really has a clue as to why x will not do y then....  What is it all about?  Jesus.  And I am not even religious.  Thinking about it though....


      I don't expect anyone to be able to help me I just thought I might use this as some kind of confessional to salve my tormented mind.