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    Multiple VShieldScanner processes?


      A couple related questions:

      1. Is it normal to have multiple VShieldScanner processes?
      2. Is it normal for them to constantly use CPU cycles even when there is no user activity on the system?


      I found this question from 2012 (Multiple VShieldScanner processes ) which seemed to be similar but there wasn't really much of a discussion.


      Looking in Activity Monitor, I find the following:

      VShieldScanner PID 83 - started by launchd PID #1

      VShieldScanner PID 74256 - started by VShieldScanner PID 83

      VShieldScanner PID 74255 - started by VShieldScanner PID 83

      VShieldScanner PID 74254 - started by VShieldScanner PID 83


      The first instance regularly sits at 0% CPU.

      The other three instances run continually and show 10-40% CPU even when no user activity is occurring on the system.


      System details:

      Macbook Pro Retina

      OS X 10.11.6 (15G1217)

      McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.2.1 (2632).

      Threat Prevention 10.2.1 (6168)