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    McAfee DLP 10 block internet connection - Device Control USB monitor only


      Hi guys!


      i have a strange problem with mcAfee DLP 10.

      After updating from McAfee Device Control 9.3.6 to McAfee Device Control 10.1, the network (internet) connection is blocked at time. After a log off/log on, the internet connection will be good, but a couple of hour later, the issue come forward again.

      We use Device Control for only USB port monitoring! We do not use any block rule.


      Only the roll back to 9.3.6 solved the problem.


      The iexternal communication (internet) goes through a Fortigate Web Proxy (with user authentication).

      We use Fortinet Single Sign On Agent on Domain Controller for user authentication (for Fortigate Proxy).

      With Device COntrol 9.3.x the user always can authenticate on Fortigate (through the Fortinet Single Sign On Agent).

      But after upgrading to Device Control 10.1 sometimes the user can't authenticate on Fortigate (we don't see the user on Fortinet Single Sign On Agent, too).


      Please help me in this case!


      Thank you.