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    Epolicy Orchestra - UNBLOCK PORT 25 on single system


      I'm a newbie at epolicy orchestra, but don't get me wrong I googled it the solution, but didn't find anything useful.

      PROBLEM 1:
      I would like to open port 25 on a single server.

      So far I did this:
      1. Opened epolicy orchestra.
      2. Selected SYSTEMS
      3. Selected MYWORKGROUP
      4. Marked the desired machine
      5. Selected Modify policy on a single machine
      6. Clicked Edit Assigment on Access Protection Policies
      7. Selected Break inheritance and assign the policy and settings below
      8. Created new TEST policy
      9. FROM HERE ON IM LOST. If I click on NEW button the only thing that allows me is to BLOCK ports but I want to set up a rule to UNBLOCK.:mad:

      Please, can anyone tell me step-by-step solution how to open port 25 on a single machine.