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    Deploy HIPS only to client machines


      I want to deploy HIPS globally as close to the top of My Organization as possible without having to break the inheritage. But I do not want to deploy it to servers only to clients. Is there a way besides excluding server OUs by breaking the inheritage?

      Running a epo4 patch 3 server with ma 4.0 patch 1 on clients. Syncing all computer accounts with AD. HIPS 7 is the product to be deployed.

      Then workstation tag is already in place as it is present by default. I'm thinking running a query, check for the tag workstation and then deploy HIPS but I can't figure out a way to do that.

      HIPS is already deployed to a significant amount of computers during the test faze so deploying it globally isn't a problem.

      Any ideas? This may not be possible, but hopefully I'm wrong. Could be a potential feature request for the task deployment if it's not possible today.