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    3.6.1 Upgrade Mess

      Hi Folks - as per typical forum custom, I've read the sticky's but want to ask a few questions about my situation.

      As of recent I've inherited a McAfee ePO mess in my org. What I have is an old 3.6.1 server that has some account issues, in that we can't get into the GUI because of an issue requiring the password to the DB (which no one knows). This server is the Master Repository (and is still updated and updating). My cohort created a second server running 3.6.1 that is purely used for the GUI at this point (is not a distributed repository). I have a third server to use if need be.

      My task is to upgrade the ePO org to 4.0. If this was your mess:

      A. What general steps would you take to upgrade to 4.0?
      B.null How and when would you change your Master Repository to one of the new servers?
      C. How would you update the 3.6.1 Agents to 4.0 (2000+ distributed)?

      Thanks so much...
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          On your all new server.
          Install ePO 4.0. Then Patch 3 or 4 if you leave it a bit longer.
          Check in CMA4.0.
          Check in products required. incl. CMA361.
          Set up tasks, Pull, replicate etc.
          Increase the communication interval to as as long as you think it will take you to get the job done in the CMA361 agent on a Thursday. Shutdown your old server Friday night. Over the weekend...
          Bring the new Spare one up and rename it to the same as the old one and take over the IP address of the old one.
          Create a job to remove CMA 361 and install CMA 4.0. Or depending on size of your org push it via ePO, SMS or log in script.

          At least this way its all yours. Seems like your incumbent will continue to take the flak if you don't start fresh.
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            To my knowledge you can not use both mcafee agent 4.0 and common management agent 3.6.1 with one ePO 4. So if you got any NT4 clients stick with CMA 3.6.1 otherwise it should be ok to upgrade to MA 4.0 once the new ePO 4 is up and running.

            Problems with access to current ePO would make me think of doing a complete reinstallation, it's not that diffucult to redeploy to 2000 clients. But of course you loose statistics and policies you might want from the old ePO. It all depends on how valuable your current setup is. You won't loose any protection by doing this as the new installation will just uninstall present older agents.

            And it's a good way to learn.
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              Thanks for the reply...

              So with a new server, new DB, and new EPO install - all the existing 3.6.1 clients will be able to pull from it by changing the name and IP to replicate the old EPO box? There are no security keys or hashes that the clients used to work with the old EPO server (causing issues talking to the new server)?

              Also, will the 3.6.1 agents communicate with 4.0 server? (thinking of upgrading agents on a different weekend)
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                There is only a 3.6.0.x agent version and yes they can communicate with the ePO 4 servers. ePO 4 comes with the "Legacy" security key used by every ePO 3.x server. Only ePO4 can use dedicated, unique security keys.

                As the agent can use only one epo server and only one epo agent can be installed on a single machine you have to use one agent version. In ePO3.x it is even not possible to checkin to CMA version at one time.

                If you want, I can provide you a way to gain access to your old ePO 3.6.1 installation to prepare it for the ePO 4 upgrade. Just send me your mail address.
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                  sure - please email me at craig357@gmail.com.... thanks!