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    MWG HA Cluster active-passive instead of active-active


      Hi anyone,

      has someone a hint for me. I have the following behavior.

      MWG is configured as a HA-cluster. I checked the configuration where anything is fine. But i have the following strange behavior.


      • Any traffic is only on Proxy1 available. Proxy2 has no traffic.
      • mgenb-lb -s shows anything is fine, but each proxy only shows its own settings. Proxy1 shows the master node, Proxy2 shows scanning node. But no info from any other node.
      • Proxy1 has priority 99, Proxy2 hast priority 2
      • If i reboot Proxy1 the VIP is transferred to Proxy2. After Proxy1 is up again the VIP changes back to Proxy1.


      Has anyone a hint for me what the problem could be??