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    EPO 4 and Network Discovery - Domain/Workgroup

      Afternoon all,

      Long time user, first time poster.

      Hoping somebody may have already come across my issue before i spend 6 hours trying to find a solution.

      To my joy i have recently aquired a new server so i have just freshly installed EPO + updates, setup all the basics, ran in packages etc... in preperation for deployment.

      The issue i have is with Network Discovery. Bare with me while i try and explain my network setup a little for you.

      The EPO server sits within a Domain (Lets say DomainX) and the intended recipients do not, they are all setup with basic Workgroup settings.

      So i have numerous amounts of Sites (500+) all with their devices setup as Workgroup funnily enough all being called Workgroup.

      Just to clarify at this point i have 500+ sites all setup as Workgroup which is connected to the domain and then the EPO server is located in another portion of the network under DomainX.

      Question being.... How can i setup a network discovery within EPO 4 to discover these?

      Whenever i setup an NT/AD Network Discovery and browse the domain list i can see Workgroup appear in the list but when i select this and scan i get a message stating "Cannot connect to Workgroup".

      Within EPO 3.5 i simply setup groups with IP filters and that was it, however the EPO server was located within a different domain to that which my new one does now.

      Any ideas, suggestions are welcome...

      I will carry on playing around in the meantime.