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    Detect Rogue Clients with No Mcafee Software

      Can somebody tell me if it's possible to add some kind of Domain Login script to my network which sends alerts to EPO when they discover a machine with no Mcafee Software?

      Anybody using some kind of method/system for this? Some kind of notification system would be nice.

      Maybe some kind of script which checks if there is a agent on the system if not, output this data somewhere on a webpage/textfile or maybe just go ahead and install the agent?

      I'm curious what you guys are using to do these kind of checks? I'm also trying to figure out how I create some kind of daily/weekly automated e-mail notification which tells me which clients are not up to date or missed the auto update of there agent/antivirus defenitions.

      Anybody know how to do any of this? Thanks in advance for the help!