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    Losing Internet Connection (Again)


      I went looking for the other threads about this issue and they've been deleted. 


      I had the problem with browsers that would suddenly stop working, January into February and always had to reboot to knock it back into place.  It was cleared up a couple of weeks ago through a McAfee update.   However, there's a couple of issues.  1) There's times a small window will pop up (from the wifi adapter) telling me that internet connection has been lost.   But I guess it lasts a few seconds because I can try and go to a web site and it'll work, and another pop up window will tell me I'm connected again.   So connection is lost and then quickly regained.   I have not had to reboot.


      But I was just in a Skype conversation and suddenly lost connection.  Not sure how long it took the Internet connection to return because I was trying to re-establish the Skype call, which I wasn't able to do.  I rebooted, but the desktop icons appeared and then vanished, so I brought up the task manger and I think it were the CPU and Disk - their usage were going through the roof.


      Never did re-establish the Skype call (this could be a Skype issue, not a McAfee issue).


      2) When I click to open a new browser tab or click a command, sometimes it might take 15 seconds for it to work (and three or four tabs would open because I clicked multiple times).   When I hover over a command, the cursor/arrow doesn't change to a pointed hand, it stays a cursor/arrow.    The tab or command not engaging happens maybe three times a day.  So not often, but it shouldn't be happening at all.  And this wasn't happening until after I got the McAfee update which fixed my original issue.


      3)  The last few days I noticed that (some) web sites and emails are taking noticeably longer to load.


      This is all with Firefox.  Haven't really tried I.E. yet.


      So I don't know if all this is related to the original issue I had and/or the "fix" I got a couple of weeks ago, or something else entirely.


      FWIW, I got the new McAfee interface, I guess it was about two weeks ago.


      I have version 14.0,  14.0 R 13.