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    Newbie Process Question: Exclude an Executable in a Folder from Being Scanned


      Hoping someone can help. I'm going spare! I need to exclude a number of Citrix Edgesight executables from being scanned. How do I create a policy using Epo 4.0 to exclude these?

      C:\Program Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Agent\Core\rscorsvc.exe
      C:\Program Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Agent\Core\Firebird\bin\fbserver.exe

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Server\RSSH\RSshApp.exe
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Server\RSSH\RSshSvc.exe

      I assume if I just exclude the folders they reside in this will not work.

      I have been unable to find any McAfee doco or instructions on how to do this in 4.0