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    Framepkg.exe VS Framepkg_upd.exe


      I have an environment where my nodes are managed. For years, when I wanted to upgrade the version of the CMA manually (locally on a PC), I would double-click (after the check-in in ePO) on the new framepkg.exe that is in my ePO directory (E:\Program Files\Network Associates\ EPO\ 3.6.1\ db\ Software\ current\ epoagent3000\ install\0409).

      But I just discovered in the release notes for McAfee Agent 4.0.0 patch 1 that I can use framepkg_upd.exe instead. They say that framepkg_upd.exe is to be used in managed nodes. But I saw conflicting information in a KB article (can't remember which one) that said that the exact opposite, i.e. that framepkg_upd.exe should be used on UNmanaged nodes.

      What's the right way to locally upgrade an agent on a managed node ? I've never had any problem in the past with double-clicking on the framepkg.exe that comes from my ePO server. Why should I use framepkg_upd.exe ?

      Thank you.