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    ePO Deploy Problem

      Hi all,

      Recently I noticed that reinstalled systems with the same computer name
      aren't covered by ePO. And no, there are no systems with duplicated names
      on the network. In my case only systems that had to be re-installed.

      The first time ePO discovered a Rogue system the agent and other deploy tasks
      are running smoothly. But when ePO did the first deploy, it seems that the
      system is not detected as rogue...???? Anyone a suggestion?

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          please check if agent on this system communicate with your ePo server, successfully registered and show on ePo console.
          if yes - post epo agent log here.
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            It's a long time I started this post. But a time ago I found out the reason
            for this behavior. And for all the other admins here is my solution:

            The reason that the clients not communicating with ePO after re-imaging
            the system was the presence of a older McAfee agent and scanner. This
            image was created ( by another department ) before the upgrade from
            ePO 3.x to ePO 4.0.

            I made a script witch I executed with psexec on the remote system.
            The first line is to un-install McAfee Scanner. In my case 8.0:
            MSIEXEC /x %SETUPFILES%\vse800.msi /quiet

            After the uninstall I re-installed the McAfee Agent:

            NET STOP "McAfee Framework Service"

            %SETUPFILES%\FramePkg.exe /ForceUnInstall /SILENT

            %SETUPFILES%\FramePkg.exe /instdir="C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework" /Install=agent /ForceInstall /SILENT

            "%ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" /p /e /c

            And after this procedure the client is managed by ePO.

            BUT !!!!!!!! There is a new imaged created without the scanner and agent. And after putting this image back on a system, a few minutes later McAfee agent is deployed and right after that VSE is also deployed. But the script was my work-a-round.