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    Firewall popups to allow/block not fully visible



      Not really sure how to name this issue what a picture is worth 1000 words :



      When McAfee ask me to allow or not access to internet to a program I just can't see all the buttons: "Allow outgoing a" which is supposed to be "allow outgoing access" is cut and I don't see at all a block button.

      Moving the window to the center of the screen still doesn't make all the buttons visible and that popup isn't extensible (nor there is a close/dismiss button).


      The only workaround I found till now to block access to programs is to let the popup appear, disconnect my laptop from internet (wifi + LAN cable) click on allow always, doing that the program is added in the firewall list of "Internet Connections for Programs", find it there (generally the last one at the bottom) edit the program and switch to block. I can then connect to internet again. (How dumb is that? .... ).


      I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64, with all the last updates (no preview or beta version), McAfee Total protection updated to the last version, and my screen is 2560x1440, so plenty of space to fully display all the buttons to allow me to take a decision.

      This issue is there for 6 months or so at least (I stopped counting).


      When asked the support about it they wanted to take control of my laptop to "see and fix" the issue and even if I clearly show this popup they went and resetted the Firewall settings to defaults, which doesn't make this things visible anymore as the Firewall is way more permissive and McAfee decide automatically what to do with the connection.


      I really can't believe I'm the only one in the world having this issue as the support seems unaware of that problem (and there is no way to send them a screenshot, so they continue to say the "understood the problem" and need a remote session to fix it).


      Any input, idea, or at least someone knowing how to make McAfee aware of that screenshot?

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