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    Real-Time Scanning Won't Stay On After Windows 7 updates Microsoft .NET Framework


      Hello, I'm at kind of a loss here. I've already Googled this problem and it's been touched on before with regards to third-party programs interfering with McAfee, but my situation seems a bit different - yesterday and today Windows Update did its monthly thing, which included updating Microsoft NET Framework, and now McAfee's Real-Time Scanning won't stay on. McAfee runs like normal on startup, the icon disappears temporarily, and then reappears a few minutes later with the red message stating Real Time Scanning is off ... but when I click to switch it on, it just turns itself off again. I notice Windows Firewall is turned on in the control panel, but not Windows Defender. I'm using Windows 7 Professional. Would this have something to do with the .NET Framework update?

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