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    Epo 5.9




      Noticed there are no extensions for DXL 3.0 in ePO 5.9?  Any timeline to add that in?



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          Did you download and install the extensions into ePO?  Until you install them, they won't show up in the console.

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            This is what I got from my client's ePO:


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              Yikes, I just saw that 5.9 was available and was going to start mapping my upgrade path. Nowhere in the product guide, install guide, release notes, or known issues do I see that listed.  The DXL product guide just says it needs ePO 5.1.1 or later.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on this thread to see what happens.

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                FYI, I just ran the Pre-Installation Auditor on my system; it found no less that 10 extensions that don't have a compatible version at this time, including the 3 DXL extensions.  It also told me I needed newer versions of two extensions, but those newer versions aren't in Software Manager within ePO, nor in my Downloads area of the McAfee website.  Also listed is an extension that had previously been removed; it's not even showing in my Extensions list.

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                  DXL 3.1 will be supported for epo 5.9.  RTW is expected later this week or next.

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                    I am sick and tired of McAfee not getting all of the products in line so that they are compatible.    There have been a lot of issues with their encryption products not being updates for months to work with other McAfee products.  These are the producst we have that are not compatible with ePO 5.9 and there are no updates available !!!!  What's the point of releasing a new version of ePO without it supporting all of the McAfee products that require it?!?!?


                    And what is with the Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders ??? I have yet to see any information about a 6.x release !!!


                    These products are incompatible with this ePO version; they must be removed or upgraded before ePO setup can continue:


                    Endpoint Encryption : Admin (EEADMIN) - no known compatible version

                    Endpoint Encryption : GO (EEGO) - no known compatible version

                    Endpoint Encryption for : PC Software (EEPC) - no known compatible version

                    Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) - requires Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders : Not available !

                    Management of Native Encryption (mne) - requires Management of Native Encryption  : Not available !

                    Rogue System Detection (rsd) - requires Rogue System Detection : Not available !

                    User Directory (userdirectory) - no known compatible version