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    Update Master Repository without internet connection


      Hello everyone,


      I have a EPO on a secure internal network and an agent handler in the DMZ. The epo master repository doesn't have access to mcafee to pull updates.


      I have seen articles for EPO to EPO replication, or using the agent handler as a respository. But this doesn't solve the fact that the MASTER repo in the internal EPO needs a source.

      How can i do this?


      If it's not possible, how can i find FQDN/ip where McAfee updates from?

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          You don't mention what version of ePO you're using, but if you look at the ePO 5.1 or 5.3 Product Guides, on page 62 in both it explains source sites, where they can be, and how to configure them. As part of that, you'll configure the source sites in ePO under Configuration --> Server Settings --> Source Sites.  If you look there first, it'll tell you where it's trying to get downloads from right now.