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    Problem with AD sync (only for DLP)



      I am using Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.3 and i create two device rules (read only usb and block usb).

      Two groups from AD (with users) are in assignment groups.

      When i change a user membership from one group to another in AD - there is no result in mcafee dlp agent (eg: read only user is still read only - not block).

      Can s.o. advise me how to sync this ad users groups with mcafee DLP.


      Mcafee ePo 5.3


      McAfee Agent 

      Version number:


      McAfee ePO Deep Command Discovery Plugin 

      Version number:


      McAfee DLP Endpoint 

      Version number: 9.3.633.3


      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 

      Version number: 8.8.0 (