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    WebControl on ePO 5.3.2 (Build 156)


      Is there a way to disable enforcement, or even uninstalling just this product?

      I am having an issue with a user where Chrome keeps crashing/not responding, and I believe it's due to WebControl.

      To really test this I would need to disable webcontrol but can't seem to do it.


      I have gone to my group and changed the "enforcement status" to Not enforcing, but I still see WebControl enabled when I open McAfee Endpoint Security on the client computer.

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          By chance are you using AD to force-enabled ENS Web Control extension? 

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            No I am not.

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              What do you mean by 'gone to my group and changed the "enforcement status"'?  I'd usually change this setting in a Web Control --> Options policy.  Once that's done, you'd need to do an agent wake-up for that new policy to get to the system.  After that, you should see the change in the client.  But that's just disabling Web Control; I don't believe that that will uninstall or disable the extension from Chrome, you'd have to check chrome://extensions after that to make sure it's not enabled.

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                Also, make sure that you disable and not delete;


                "If an end user deletes the ENS Web Control extension in Chrome, you CANNOT restore the extension through ePO. An uninstall of ENS Web Control and reinstall will not add the ENS Web Control extension back in Chrome. To make the ENS Web Control extension available in Chrome again, you must either delete the Chrome user profile that deleted the ENS Web Control extension or reinstall Chrome on the system."


                McAfee Corporate KB - Endpoint Security Web Control browser extensions must be enabled by the end user KB87568

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                  Great, thanks!  I see that now.

                  As for when I said "my group", in System Tree, under My Organization, I created subgroups.  Well, in one subgroup, under assigned policies tab, I clicked the "Enforcement Status" link and changed it to Not Enforcing, but the policy was still enforced.  If I wanted to create a Web Control policy for a sub group, would I just create a whole new policy under Policy Catalog and assign it to my subgroup?

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                    I haven't used Policy Enforcement myself; every system is enforcing the policy I specify.  But my understanding of policy enforcement is that that controls whether policy changes (assigning new policies, or editing existing policies) get pushed to the agents.  If there has been a policy there, and you turn off enforcement, I don't believe it will revert to a default state, but rather keep the settings that were last applied.  However, if you make changes locally to the product settings, the ePO server would no longer change them back to be in line with your policy.


                    Re-reading your original question, it might be worth doing the following:

                    1. Create a GPO to force-enable the web control extensions in IE and Chrome for all systems; instructions are here: McAfee Corporate KB - How to prevent users from disabling SiteAdvisor Enterprise from Internet Explorer KB67500
                    2. Uninstall ENS Web Control only for that machine.  Depending on your client and server tasks, and how you're deploying ENS, it may or may not try to reinstall it; I can't tell you that without knowing a lot more about your whole setup.  But if you uninstall it, you should be able to go to the affected system right afterward, and try to open Chrome.
                      1. If you don't have the problem, then push Web Control back out again and make sure it happens again.
                        1. If you still don't have the problem, then it's fixed.  No further action necessary.
                        2. If it has the problem again, then you need to log a call with support.
                      2. If you still have the problem, then Web Control isn't the issue (or at least, isn't the only issue).  You may want to leave Web Control uninstalled while you continue to troubleshoot.


                    I had some issues with the Web Control toolbar in IE that persisted even with Web Control disabled, but the extensions still load.  Only uninstalling the IE toolbar made the problem go away.  So I've uninstalled and reinstalled ENS Web Control on the affected system a few times, and the GPO ensures that the extensions remain enabled when it's installed on the system.