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    Users & Power Users unable to disable On-Access Scan

      We have one user who has been given the "Power User" rights on the Windows 2003 server. This user is backing up a lot of data from the server to an external hard drive that is mapped to. My question is that I can't seem to find a way to allow this user to temporarily disable the ON-Access scanner since it is grayed out. When I log in as an Administrator then it is un-grayed. We are trying to make sure that McAfee is not scanning these files that are being copied.

      This server is controlled by our EPO server running EPO 3.61 with Patch 4 and the Agent version We have the check box under "Access Protection" called "Prevent McAfee services form being stopped" unchecked.

      We are using the latest VSE 8.5i with Patch 7. Does McAfee not allow other users from disabling the On-Access?