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    Failed to start subsystem <Management>

      Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle.

      We use an ePO 4.0.0. (patch 2) server, which is used to deploy CMA (patch 4) & VSE 8.5 (patch 6) to around 8,000 machines. It generally goes pretty well, but there are handfull of machines that refuse to play ball. Once the agent has been deployed to it, the McAfee agent activity log on the remote machine shows the following:

      Framework service Failed to start Subsystem <Management>, result=-2147023174

      With this, it doesn't download and install VSE 8.5 and the DAT updates, and is just stuck with the agent. I've completely removed any network associates & mcafee folders from the 'program files' & 'common files' folders, as well as deleting them from 'all users\application data' too. I've even removed any registry entries referring to na & mcafee from local machine\software, and still this error appears on what looks like a virgin system.

      One piece of information that may be useful is that we have an ePO 3.6.1 server that used to deploy the CMA 3.5.5 & VSE 7.1. All the machines are being migrated to our ePO 4 server, so there are only 150 or so machines left on the old server.

      What am I missing? It's driving me bonkers. Updating to ePO 4 patch 3 and/or ePO Agent 4 and/or VSE 8.5 patch 7 is not an option at the moment, plus it isn't really necessary when 99% of machines are already updated.

      Thanks in anticipation