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    Move Only ePO Database

      I currently have ePO 4.0 and SQL runningon the same server.

      Dual 3.7GHZ 4GB Ram

      C: ePO App/SQL App 15GB
      D: SQL Database 130GB

      7500 NODES

      This was a test system but now it looks like since our ePO 3.6 is dying we need to move everyone over. McAfee's recommendation is to have ePO and the SQL on separate Servers.

      I have a SQL Farm with the following Specs:

      SPACE: 2TB
      OS: Windows 2003 64bit Enterprise
      MEMORY: 64GB RAM
      PROCESSOR: 4 QuadCore
      CONFIG: Clustered - Active/Passive
      SQL: SQL 2005 Enterprise 64bit

      I want to move the ePO Database only to the SQL Farm while leaving the ePO App on the existing server.

      I couldnt find a KB Article that does this. Anyone have any comments?