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    New to epo


      Hi All,


      Could please help me to understand.


      what is SiteStat.xml , Catalog.z, DATInstall.mcs , PkgCatalog.z ?



      Thanks in Advance







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          I´am not 100% sure but just from reading it:

          The sitestat is the file where the client looks up to what ePO or Agenthandler in which order to connect to to get updates, patches policies and stuff. It get´s pushed by ePO with the Agent and is updated when you update your sites in ePO.

          The other three belong to packages pushed by ePO. They are mostly in some kind of compressed file and contain info and data of the products to install. DAT is your signature file for like Virus Scan Enterprise, where as the other two go with many packeges you deploy from ePO and could in this case also belong to the DAT-Update package.




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            Thanks Daniel_s.


            Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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              SiteStat.xml is the first file downloaded during an update task. It is used to determine the availability of the repository site.


              The catalog.z file reports which files are currently available on that update site. The Agent compares this information against what is currently installed on the client system and downloads only the needed files.


              The .MCS files are secure script files used by the Agent for various tasks. The DATInstall.mcs script installs the .DAT files during the AutoUpdate process.


              The PkgCatalog.z file reports which files are contained within a repository package. The Agent uses this information to determine what must be downloaded.



              McAfee Corporate KB - Files downloaded by VirusScan Enterprise 8.x during DAT updates KB54467

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