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    Email Notification Variables?

      I'm trying to setup a new notification rule, and for this one I'd like to use the "Insert Variable" function, but I can't seem to get it to work.

      I've filled in the Recipients, I've filled in a standard text Subject, and I've tried various ways of "Insert Variable", but either I get the test message with nothing in the field, or the test message doesn't come thru at all.

      What's the trick here? Nothing I can find in the docs...

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          with epo 4.0 i gor rhe following Notification Mail Setup:

          System: {AffectedComputerNames}

          IP Adresse: {AffectedComputerIPs}

          Ereignis ID: {EventIDs}

          Ereignis: {EventDescriptions}

          Ereignisbeschreibung: {ReceivedThreatNames}

          Zeit: {TimeNotificationSent}

          Produkt: {ReceivedProductFamilies}

          Betroffene Objekte: {AffectedObjects}

          Zusätzliche Infos: {AdditionalInformation}