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    Problem with database server name change

      Hi All,
      Since we have renamed our database server (same IP though) we have been getting these errors in the Application log:

      18456 :
      Login failed for user '<DOMAIN>\EPO$'.
      Source: MSSQLSERVER

      So it looks like the epo server computer account is trying to log into SQL Server.
      Everything else seems to be working normally though.

      These errors are being logged every few seconds and of course filling up the app log on our SQL Server box!
      Has anyone seen this behavior?

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          Please check if this account have DBO permission on ePo database or not locked in Active Directory.

          Why you using server account btw?

          I'd created local user on SQL, gave all necessary permisions on DB and configure on ePO side (http://server:8443/core/config)
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            Thanks for your reply!
            I should have added more detail.

            We're not using the computer account, we use a domain account to access the db and that's still working fine.
            This only started happening when we changed the name of the DB server.

            We're not using the epo server account for anything, it just started trying to connect on it's own! We're trying to figure out why the account would start doing this. It's filling the app log on the DB server because it's trying to connect every few seconds and failing.

            epo version:

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              I can't help with this particularly issue, however please keep in mind that old ePo and SQL have huge performance issues, because of way how ePo app and MS SQL handle connections.

              I had migrate db from 2000 to 2005 and number of opened connection between App and DB drop from 245 (maximum number for Tomcat that shipped with ePo 4) to 5-7.

              on other thought please check permissions for this ePo AD account on DB and on OS level.