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    EPO3.6 Master updating from EPO 4.0 Master


      We have an environment which has an EPO 3.6 Master Repository (lets call it EPO02) where no internet access exists. For this server to get is updates we have a second EPO 3.6 Master repository sitting elsewhere in the network to recieve updates from McAfeeFTP (lets call it EPO01).

      So EPO01 gets it updates from McAfeeFTP source site.

      EPO02 gets its updates via FTP from EPO01. (This server has Microsoft FTP running with an FTP site of X:\Program Files\......EPO3.6\DB\Current))

      My question is this. Can I upgrade EPO01 to EPO 4.0 and leave EPO02 at EPO 3.6 and it still recieve its updates from EPO01?

      Essentially they are separate EPO infrastructures with one just using the other as an FTP site for its updates.

      My theory is yes. But if anyone else has any experience of such a situation then any help in answering this query would be greatly appreciated.

      You may think this setup is strange but it is this way for organisational and political reasons!

      Thanks, ChrisG