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    8.0 to 8.7 upgrade


      I am running the latest version of ePo 4.0 patch 3 with agent 4 patch 1 and VSE 8.7, and have it running ok for most machines. Recently my ePO server took over a new network filled with computers that had agent 3.5 and VSE 8.0 and some 8.5.

      My problem is that after some registry cleaning of keys all the agents are talking to my ePO and at the latest version, but all the 8.0 machines have not upgraded to 8.7, although the 8.5 have.

      Is this because I don't have 8.0 commited into my ePO? So it doesn't know how to uninstall and upgrade to the newer version?
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          In order not to re-hash stuff, this issue has been addressed on this forum prior. You'll also find that there have been some problems with the 3.5 agent and 8.5 VSE; they don't play nice together.

          Two words of advice:

          1. Bring all agents up to at least 4, and preferably the latest version (
          2. Stay with VScan Enterprise 8.5 until at least first patch of 8.7, since there have been numerous issues with the first release. Once stable on 8.5, you can upgrade to 8.7 Patch 1 (or whatever comes after), but you are guaranteed to be in end - of - life compliance come December 31, 2009.

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            I'm was in the same boat. I came here searching for help meanwhile trying a bunch of stuff. I don't have 8.0 packaged checked in but I tested deploying 8.5 with just a install task applied to one workstation and it seemed to work. I disabled all inherits and set run to immediately then hopped on the workstation and ran cmdagent.exe /s and watched it download 8..5. It did a real upgrade, uninstalling 8.0 then installing 8.5 without need for checking in 80 and setting a deployment/uninstall task.

            Only think is I don't know if it was my timing but nothing seemed to happen for a few minutes- seemingly not until i logged into the workstation as local admin but I tried another and walked away from my console, after about 30 minutes I came back and the upgrade was successful.