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    New malware or legit version of McAfee ?


      Today I noticed I have some kind of new McAfee Version. McAfee did not inform me or ask permission. So how do I make sure this is not malware but really McAfee ?


      It seems legit though and I have the feeling it is kust bad software and not malware. But I did install Norton Security Software, just to be sure until I find a way to confirm this is indeed McAfee.


      It seems dodgy because the information is confusing. For instance, it lists Scanned Files Activity up to April 9. But it is only March !


      Also this new version seems very insecure because I used to have 1 insecure connection a week blocked. And now suddenly it is thousands a day.


      Also confusing is that the Shredder States to be Switched ON , but nowhere can it be switched OFF


      I would like to go back to the previous safe version. Is that possible ?


      I did try to find out what version this is. But a Version Number is nowhere to be found.


      This is what the screen looks like   Site removed as link rated dangerous pk


      For now I have installed Norton instead and disabled this McAfee program


      Please advice what my options are