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    New GUI 2017


      Anyone else with the latest gui noticed this problem?  Only way to get to the Block button if you want it is to hit the Tab key several times.


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          Not noticed here but I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - the latest. 

          That program I would allow access as it needs to check for updates.

          I would enlist Technical Support to help with that as it appears it's something to do with your screen resolution settings....perhaps.

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            Thanks Peter M, I should have been clearer but its not specific to Adobe Reader, the same happens for any program that wants internet access.


            It has been mentioned by myself and others in another thread that as a workaround tabbing eventually gets you to the Block button, but it should not be necessary to do this.

            The content is too big for the window it is displayed in.


            As further info I have this effect on a laptop (1366x768) and desktop (1920x1080) screens, both with LiveSafe on Win10 Pro.  Screen settings are all at the default.

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                The firewall, when first installed, allows regular Windows processes through and ask about any new software you get.  At default settimgs that should stop.  Have you altered the firewall in some way?


                Open the GUI and click the cogwheel at top right and select Firewall.  Then click Restore Defaults, OK any prompts.

                Now there will be initial requests from software but if you allow them once then that should stick.

                Click image to enlarge:


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                  Thanks for the input Peter M, but I am not complaining about the firewall popup appearing - I want that behaviour so that I can vet internet access requests. My concern is that the popup has more action buttons than are visible, and I should either be able to see all buttons at once, or there should be a horizontal scroll bar to provide access to the off-screen portion.  Using the Tab key to bring the hidden part into view does work but is not an ideal solution.


                  Apologies if I have not been making myself clear enough.

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                    I will bring this up as a Topic of Discussion on our Conference Call this Monday.

                    Will report back the conversation in regards to this


                    Also if I may ask, do you have the (New) GUI as Peter displayed?



                    Thank you

                    All the Best


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                      Yes Cliff, I do have the new (blue) GUI.  The problem did not occur on the old (green) version - all the action button fitted in the popup window on that version.

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                        Sorry I realized that after I posted.  Can't you hover the cursor over the top band of that alert and click/drag it over to the left?

                        Also are you using a lower than normal resolution setting for that screen, that would probably make alerts appear abnormally large.

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                          Thank you for the clarification..I will pass this on.

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