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    Multiple Instances of QcShm.exe


      When are you guys going to stop with the multiple instances of QcShm.exe, which are seen piling up in the memory section of the Windows 7 Resource Monitor?  This is a very poor programming practice to utilize memory resources, and then not free them up when finished with them.  As the instances of QcShm.exe continue to accumulate, performance begins to degrade.

      I have no need for QuickClean/Shredder and it's aggravating that it is consuming my system resources.  In the past when I renewed my Antivirus Plus subscription, during installation of McAfee I never chose to install it; now I'm not given the option to say No.



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                               This is a known issue and a fix for this is due out the latter part of March. Also please see this thread as well Multiple copies of Quick CLean (Qcshm.exe) running


                                I might add that the New Next Generation (LAM) Scanning Engine in Version/Build 15.1.R0/15.1.156 is due to begin being throttled out again also. This Version functions without issues as I have been running it since October 17/2016.

                                new LAM ( Lightweight anyimalware) install FAQs


                               Thank you for your patience and understanding.


          All the Best


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            Thanks Cliff, and I don't mean to shoot the messenger, but all of these issues [like my browser freezing because of client analytics and associated memory leaks, McAfee freezing because an update hangs and won't complete w/o an uninstall/re-install cycle, an installer that used to (but no longer does) allow you to choose whether or not to install ancillary components (like QuickClean and Shredder), and loss of the ability to choose not to collect and send anonymous data to McAfee] I've personally experienced since I continued my Antivirus Plus subscription in early January of 2017.  All are really starting to p_ss me off.  It doesn't placate me when I hear that you, Peter, Selvin, and probably others are running a way different (and hopefully better) version of the product since October 2016.  Oh, and I'm really tired of hearing the word "Throttling" when it comes to getting the latest versions of these currently malfunctioning products out to the paying customers.

            I was an Intel employee (directly hired, not acquired through on of Intel's many acquisitions) for a little over 17 years.  So I understand beta s/w testing and early rollout to internal employees first, but you've had it for nearly 5 full months now.  To me, that's excessive, and hopefully you can understand why my patience has grown very thin with the team at McAfee (Intel Security).


            Thanks again, and sorry for the rant.

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              Hi David

                                 Please know that your input is always invaluable. If I may explain that Myself and a few random individuals received the (New) Version/Build Only for a short period of time. As the *Beta*/*Retail* Version was released until they noticed that the Installer had to be 'Enhanced', to include FIXING certain bugs from prior builds as well.


                                If I were to choose to Uninstall/Reinstall right now to simply get the (New) GUI, there is a very good chance that I would be rolled back to Version/Build 14.0.R12. I agree that the option to do a *Custom* install needs to be reintroduced. And we Mods have voiced our opinion during our weekly Conference Calls.


                                No need to apologize, as in certain aspects I agree with you. There has indeed been an Emergency Release to address particular issues at the rate of 50K per day.


              Wishing you all the Best


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                Check your McAfee UI,as I was just upgraded to 15.1r2, and the Quick Clean and Shredder updated to 15.0.4013. Affld 0 will be getting it first, followed by Manufacturers/ISP providers.

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                  Hello David,

                  This issue was addressed in McAfee SecurityCenter Version 15.4.4031 (Release Name 14.0 R13)

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                    Selvan 15.1.r2 has the same McAfee Security Center Version.Capture.PNG

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                      As of right now, here's what I have:   McAfee Security Center is 15.4.4031, but McAfee AntiVirusPlus is still only Version: 14.0 with Release Name:  14.0 R13

                      My Affid is 0, but I do not have the new blue UI that comes with R15.1r2

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                        As you can see, My GUI is not (Blue) either. However I am not having any issues.

                        Although I was expecting the Blue GUI.

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                          I hate to beat that old dead horse, but I'm still having the multiple instances of QcShm.exe on my system with the following versions (I don't seem to have "Total Protection", for some reason):



                          McAfee reports I am current with any updates.  I did try to read all the posts in this thread as well as the thread you referenced above, but unfortunately I couldn't get through all 15 or so pages since I'm at work and my phone keeps ringing.  Isn't this issue supposed to be fixed already?



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