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    tmpfs /dev/shm capacity almost full


      Four months ago we upgraded to on our web gateway appliances.  Today we received an alert notifying us that the tmpfs /dev/shm filesystem has reached 91% capacity on one of our appliances.  It is configured with 15 GB's of space, and currently only has 1.5 GB's available.  I checked the other appliances and they have also had the tmpfs space growing since the upgrade.  One of them has reached 80% capacity. 


      1. Is this normal behavior over a period of four months?  We have been running web gateway appliances for four years and never experienced this issue before.  The appliances are only rebooted a few times per year when we upgrade them, and have not been rebooted since November.

      2. If this is not normal behavior for the tmpfs file system, then how do we find out what is causing this to fill up?