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    Help with email high risk rating


      We have 2 customers that are having issues receiving emails from us both have threat intelligence from McFee.  I have submitted the online threat feedback form (Ticket_ID 1423977) and emailed sites@mcaffee.com at the first of the week but the rating has stayed the same and we have received no response. How does someone get off of the list or find out what is causing them to have a high email rating without some way to communicate. As far as i can tell and all the checks i have found online i can not find any issues with our systems. we do send emails as about 40 different company's if this is a possible cause.


      Our customer sent us this: "Intel won’t give me specific information as to why your servers regularly are rated as highly risky, but have told me that you would need to contact them."


      If someone can contact me or send me some information as to what i can do next.


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