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    True Key Bug !!!


      Hello Team ,


      I use True Key software. Instead of entering password everything, it scans my photos and then does the login.  I never had any issues.  My kids tried with their face, but the software always rejected.


      Today, my kids took my closeup picture with the smart phone.  Using the smart phone's photos, they placed it in front of the laptop true key software and it successfully logged in.


      I was shocked. I am not sure from how long they are doing it.


      TRUE KEY software should be able to detect whether it is person's photos  or live person.  Only, if live person, it should complete the login process successfully.


      Any software update for this BUG ??  Is there any solution for this issue ?


      Appreciate everyone's comment.   You can try it out at home and see by yourself....

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                              I will attempt to contact a Expert from the True Key Team to address your concerns.


                              marcd  Could you kindly assist this customer please?

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            We built and integrated technologies to prevent many common spoofing attacks, and we continue to innovate in this area. However, all biometric technologies are susceptible to spoofing to some degree, which is why we encourage the use of Enhanced Face along with multiple factors to provide high levels of security.

            Additionally when a system is equipped with an Intel RealSense camera, we are able to further prevent spoofing attacks by using the 3D capabilities of the camera for even greater matching accuracy.



            Marc D

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