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    Which Ports needed for Repository Connection


      We appear to have an issue with certain clients connecting to our repositories. I know the repositories are working as other clients connect without a problem.

      I have reinstalled the agent (into a seperate directory) and we are still getting the same error message.


      We are getting the following error message everytime the client tries to connect to each repository and then fallbacks to Mcafee via http

      20090121172658 I #528 InetMgr Failed to MAP share using NetAPI now using WNetAddConnection2, return code=53
      20090121172658 W #528 InetMgr Failed to map share using WNetAddConnection2
      20090121172658 e #528 InetMgr Failed to connect to server eccsrs10022753. Check the agent log for more details.
      20090121172658 I #528 InetMgr Delay = -1
      20090121172658 I #528 InetMgr Impersonated token closed
      20090121172658 I #528 InetMgr UNC Session closed


      The only thing that i can see different from the working machines is the network route. These specific machines go via a firewall.

      Agent-to-server communication port: 90
      Agent wake-up communication port: 8081
      Agent broadcast communication port: 8082
      Event parser-to-application server communication port: 8445
      Console-to-application server communication port: 8443
      Sensor-to-server communication port: 8444

      Does anyone know the port that is used to obtain the updates from repositories?

      Thanks in advance