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    check in VSE8.5 in EPO4

      when i rebuild VSE8.5 , i can't check it in EPO4 . how can i check it in EPO 4 ? I don't know. who can help me ? thanks ...
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          Laszlo G
          Do you mean that when you check-in the package you are receiving an error? if so which error message do you get?
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            yes , when i rebuild VSE 8.7/8.5 , i can't check it in . no signature. i think the file "PkgCatalog.z" is not fit. you can try . when you rebuild VSE , i am sure that you can't check it in .

            i wan't to know , how to creat PkgCatalog.z file ? i think this file is not fit .:confused:
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              I believe ePO 4 can only check in packages with a .zip file extension. Try zipping up your rebuild package and see if you can do it that way.

              I am just now starting to play around with ePO 4, so I apologize if the above info is not correct in full or in part.


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                Hello Sk1dMARK,
                For check in a product in the ePO 4.0, the only thing to do is :

                - Download the .zip file from your NAI
                - Check In this .zip file in the "Software" tab and after "Check in package".
                - Select "Product or Update (.ZIP)" and browse for your .zip file.

                After, unzip your .zip file and go to "Configuration" >> "Extensions" >> "Install extensions" and select a .zip (not xxxxxREPORTS.zip) contained in your first downloaded .zip file, in order to install the extensions of the product.