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    RSD2.0 installed on DHCP but not getting all subnets

      Hi, I have searched around some, and as this is a newer feature I am not sure how many people have actually tried this. I have ePolicy 4.0 w/p3 running and installed RSD 2.0 w/p2. I installed the RSD sensor on one of our DHCP servers a few days ago and everything seemed to go fine with the install. However, I am not seeing the subnets that the DHCP server deals with listed in the RSD dashboards (under Network). I haven't rebooted the DHCP server since the sensor install, so that may fix things, but there was no mention of needing to do that. In our environment it isn't always easy to get a reboot on servers, so does anyone know if that would even cause the extra subnets to show up? I did actually install a sensor on the ePolicy server, and I am seeing the subnets for our server VLAN, so I know RSD is working in general, it is only the extra subnets serviced but the DHCP server that is missing.