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    LiveSafe Firewall - issue with Program Wants Access pop-up


      Sometime in the last few weeks McAfee LiveSafe updated itself on my Windows-10 system and now has a user interface that is similar but visibly different from the previous version.


      I have had the firewall setup for many years in "stealth" mode where if a new application wants to make a connection to the internet I get a pop-up so I can permit or reject it.


      Since the new version was installed, the pop-up has a different look to it, which I can deal with.

      Worse, however, the new pop-up has only 3 buttons visible - "Allow always";   "Allow once";   and "Allow outgoing".   The "Block" that used to be there is no longer there.   Even the "Allow outgoing" is somewhat cut off with some letters missing.


      I guess as a workaround I could allow access, then go into the McAfee application and change things, but this is quite awkward.


      I keep my primary monitor in portrait mode - not sure if that is relevant.   That is the only thing I can think of that is non-standard and might be contributing to this issue.


      I can move the pop-up box around on the screen, but have not found any way to display the "block" box that is supposed to be there


      Anyone have any ideas???