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    McAfee Email Gateway Clustering High Avaiability Doubts


      Dear friends,


      Im here to just ask you about some tips and best practices when setting up a cluster HA setup on a certain costumer.


      The customer already have a EG 5000 running in standalone mode but im setting up a new virtual machine for host a new virtual email gateway appliance which will be used to build a high avaiability cluster between these two nodes (Master/Failover)


      I dont have any expertise with mcafee email gateway, but im looking for learn how to achieve this job as fast i can by reading the product guide (which i did not find any information about clustering) and also on this community


      My doubts:


      What will be necessary to setup a new HA cluster for this setup above?


      Is there any requirement about setting up a new entry on the external DNS pointing a new record for the new machine or it would not be necessary when it relates for cluster HA (high avaiability, active, Standby) ?


      Is there any requirement on the customer enviroment (firewall, dns, routers, microsoft exchange) which must be configured to set up a new MEG HA cluster to receive and send emails?



      Accept as much tips you could gave me to help me, really thanks guys!!!!