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    Deploying Enterprise 8.5i via local repository

      I am a first time user to EPO and this mcafee forums, I just need a little help in deploying the install file virus scan 8.5 to all workstations.

      We have around 50 sites which are all connected via a VPN connection and at each site there is a Novell Netware Server which act as local repositories for DATS and engine files for. At the moment each workstation has mcafee virus scan 8 and would like to upgrade this to 8.5

      I just need to know if there is a way to deploy the virus scan install file to the local repositories so the workstations get the upgrade files from there local server rather than over the WAN link on the main EPO server which will cause a lot of network traffic.

      Can anyone help regarding this

      Thanks in advance
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          Your local respositories should be visible in ePO so it replicates the files to it. As they are visible to it you can select in your Agent config to install from a certain repository. As there are a lot of sites I hope you can select subnet distance or ping. So that the agent always uses the local server to the remote site.

          If your replication is configured adequately, you should place 8.5 in your main ePo and it should just replicate to the 50 local servers. Then you change the deployment task and all clients connect to that local server and upgrade.

          If not, a DoS will happen, to mitigate this you can select big randomization times. So that not all start at the same time.