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    Block OneDrive with Webgateway



      I want to block Microsoft Onedrive. Is it possible to block onedrive with McAfee Webgateway? Is one drive part of an WebFilter or Application filter?


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          I know there are McAfee Maintained Lists for a lot of Microsoft's cloud offerings but I haven't seen one specifically for OneDrive. What you could possibly do is run a Rule Trace while a test machine of yours is trying to access OneDrive and after observing the results, maybe you can block the pages you see that need to be loaded for a successful connection. Maybe you could find some necessary resource that must be loaded and then look for that criteria and then have MWG send a block page whenever it sees said criteria.

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            Onedrive is included in the Applications List under "File Sharing".

            Microsoft Office 365 Onedrive For Business in under "Hosting Services"

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              Thanks for this. It seems OneDrive is also in the Applications List in