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    Trust Establishment


      Hi Team,


      I am not able to establish trust between NSM Manager and SENSOR.


      Though I tried rebooting and factorydefaults command on sensor, but still i am unable to create trust.


      Kindly suggest me on this on very high priority.



      Santosh B S

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            Hi Santosh


            Can you provide more details?

            What is the NSM version?

            What is the sensor software and model?

            Are there any firewalls in the path (including NSM local firewall) and have all the ports been open?

            Is this issue specific to a sensor? Are there other sensors successfully installed on the same network segment?

            On the sensor CLI, do you see trust established 'yes' but the comms channels stay down? Or trust isn't established?




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              Hi Santosh,


              Can you please also provide any error messages received on the sensor or manager, you may need to look in the ems.log file on the manager for errors.


              Also the details from the show and status commands on the sensor CLI might help.





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                Hi Peter,


                As checked in sensor CLI Trust establishment is showing YES, alert and log channel are UP. System health is showing UNINITIALIZED.


                There is firewall between and the required ports are allowed.  We have other devices which are running up and fine. Only one device details are not showing in manager GUI.



                Santosh B S

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                  Hi Peter,


                  As checked in ems.log file I am getting below error :

                  Unable to determine model type for sensor.


                  Kindly suggest.

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                    Hi Santosh,


                    What manger / sensor software and sensor model are you using?


                    There is an issue listed in the 8.3 Know Issues "Trust establishment between the Sensor and the Manager takes up to 40 minutes.", how long have you had this connected for?


                    Is the sensor showing a SigSet installed?


                    Do the show sensor health or show startup stats commands show any errors?








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                      Hi peter,


                      Manager software version and sensor version is It has been up and running for more then week, all of sudden from two days we are facing this issue. Manager is not detecting it.


                      Checked with sensor health command as well, it showing all good expect system health = uninitialized.


                      As I mentioned in previous comment I had done factorydefaults, so there is no sigset installed. After detecting by manager we can install signature set right.

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                        Hi Santosh,


                        What was the original issue with the sensor? Did it just stop communicating with the manager?


                        If you haven't already try rebooting the sensor again.


                        Try running the disconnectalertandpktlogchannels CLI command and then the reconnectalertandpktlogchannels command.


                        You could try disconnecting the sensor, renaming it, and adding it back to the manager again with it's new name.

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                          I Tired doing that as well but still I am manager is detecting the sensor. Though the trust has been established.

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