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    EZPE32 Forum?


      I am a bit baffled by the output of this EZPE32 program but I cannot seem to find a forum where I am pretty sure my question has been asked???


      My first set of EETECH recovery media was created by following the painful steps in the user guide.  The next set was created by the McAfee Corporate KB - How to use the EpeWinUpgrade tool for automated creation of WinPE 3.x (and later) with Drive Encry…  which no one at McAfee seems to know anything about since this tool was not updated for DE 7.2.  I used the EZPE 6.5.2 program and picked EZPE32 from the first menu and then the option for IT Professionals to create build all versions.  No issues with the builds. I only need the newest version 7.2.456 so I put this on a USB stick via Rufus.  This creates a bootable USB that shows me some text message about Windows 7 and diskpart needing to pissibly be used that goes away before it can be read.  Then all I have is pretty graphic with info like GPU, Default Gateway, DHCP, etc....Volume of C: is unrecognized.  As near as I can tell the program is hung since no keyboard commands I have tried work.  I was expecting a command prompt where I would run either EETECH or EETECHOPAL.