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    I'm getting started with the ePO server and HBSS...


      My organization uses VMware, and routinely recomposes its pools. When we do this, it seems that the Agent is being cloned along with the rest of the machine, but with a new GUID. At this point, the old agent drops off the grid - and as far as ePO is concerned, still exists in an inactive state. After several days, those machines no longer communicating with the ePO server begin to move over to the inactive agents section. This, of course, skews our metrics. Removing them is nearly a semiweekly task. And then, ePO sees all the new machines from the recompose and thinks they're all rogue. Is there any way to somehow sync with Active Directory and tell ePO what's supposed to be there and what's not? Is there a way to automate the removal of duplicate machines no longer communicating with ePO?