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    LDAP Test Connection successful but DLP cannot connect to LDAP with same credentials?


      HBSS Configuration.  We are currently running ePO 5.1.3 with DLP Policy 9.3.  Under ePO Registered Servers I am able to successfully test connections for my listed LDAP servers but when entering DLP and attempting to add a user to an established user group I receive an error stating "Cannot find default LDAP."


      This opens the "Group, Built-in Security principal, Organization unit, User" Dialog Box with everything greyed out.  Under "Find objects from this LDAP:" it displays a greyed out option "No LDAP servers found".  Now I can select "Connect to..." to enter Forest information for my default LDAP but no matter how I enter the information for Forest Name, User name, and Password it returns with "Unable to reach LDAP.  Please check address and credentials".  Remember though, the registered servers test connection with the SAME credentials succeeds (port 389 btw).


      Through DLP Policy 9.3 I've also noticed there is no place to select a Default LDAP, we do not run DLP Manager and until this past week I've never had issues with my DLP.  I adopted the HBSS administration for this site back in November.  I chalk it up to a bad patch/update that was pushed out last week but again, my test connection succeeds.


      Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated, thank you.