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    CMA Migration issue from to VSE 8 configuration destroyed

      Dear readers,

      We are currently testing a migration scenario to upgrade all of our Common Frameworks from to
      We want to uninstall bij using Frminst /foreuninstall or frminst /remove=updater.

      The problem is that this also removes the integration fo VSE 8 and CMA
      After installing, we have found that AutoUpdate does not start anymore.

      We found that the removal of the old CMA also removes the {A14CD6FC-3BA8-4703-87BF-E3247CE382F5}.ini and that (ofcourse) CMA does not create a new one.
      However, copying a {A14CD6FC-3BA8-4703-87BF-E3247CE382F5}.ini to the correct location (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\Task does not fix the AutoUpdate.
      Can someone give me a clue where to look?

      Thanks in advance!

      Reg, Henno.